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Welcome our mission meet our team dental services technology smile makeovers your questions favorite links library articles practice news patient forms financial information take our survey ask the doctor make appointment contact us email us 502. 228. 4700 6007 timber ridge dr • prospect, kentucky 40059 dental services comfort measures preventive care restorative care cosmetic procedures functional therapy restorative if your smile is compromised by decay, missing teeth, or unaesthetic crowns and fillings, effective solutions can restore your smile's natural beauty and function. Our contemporary restorative options correct imperfections and improve your confidence to smile. By using only the best materials and techniques, we ensure amazing results. viagra cheap pills cheap viagra generic viagra buy viagra online from canada drugs viagra online viagra for sale buy cheap viagra viagra for sale viagra for sale in australia Don’t give up on an imperfect smile – let us discuss your concerns and your treatment options. Crowns and porcelain veneers bridges dentures and partials aesthetic fillings complete aesthetic and functional reconstruction implant restoration inlays and onlays crowns and porcelain veneers restore extensively decayed or injured teeth with tooth-colored porcelain crowns. These permanent, custom-fabricated, porcelain restorations completely cover the compromised tooth, restoring natural appearance and function. We work with trusted laboratories to create lifelike aesthetic crowns made of porcelain or porcelain fused to metal. Crowns deliver reliable results and are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. Back to top bridges to eliminate an unattractive space left by several missing teeth, we anchor a set of permanent teeth, called a bridge, to crowns set on each side of the space. As with individual crowns, crown and bridge systems look and function just like normal teeth and integrate flawlessly with existing dentition. Back to top dentures and partials implant-supported dentures and partials offer a firm, superior hold and remarkable function as prosthetic teeth. We can affix full or partial dentures to titanium posts implanted within your jaw by an oral surgeon for added retention. Without the slippage risk and speech interference associated with traditional dentures, particularly in relation to the lower jaw, implant dentures are the ideal tooth replacement choice when sufficient jawbone is present in an edentulous patient. Only patients with sufficient bone density in their jaws can receive titanium implants. We offer traditional dentures. MOBILE VETERINARY SERVICES
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Pet Rehabilitation and Fitness Services


        At Greater Edmonton Mobile Veterinary Services (GEMVETS), we believe animals are truly a gift and we understand how important their unconditional love and friendship is to those lucky enough to have pets in their lives.  Our team of professionals and assistants provide compassionate care and quality services to your pet in the convenience of your, and their, own home.



       Providing optimal customer and patient service means going the extra mile and we realize that many owners, whether senior citizens, people working irregular hours, disabled people, or individuals with limited or no access to transportation, would welcome the opportunity to have a veterinarian examine their pet at their home. Moreover, animals are more comfortable in their own environment and travelling may be stressful to them, while at the same time exposing them to the illnesses of other four-legged patients visiting the clinic. Clearly, both humans and animals would benefit if such a service were to exist.  The veterinarians at GEMVETS offer a full line of canine and feline vaccinations and other services at your convenience in the comfort of your pet’s relaxed environment. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for your pet by careful examination and treatment in the comfort of your home. 


We are now offering rehabilitation and fitness services for the pets.