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        At Greater Edmonton Mobile Veterinary Services (GEMVETS), we believe animals are truly a gift and we understand how important their unconditional love and friendship is to those lucky enough to have pets in their lives.  Our team of professionals and assistants provide compassionate care and quality services to your pet in the convenience of your, and their, own home.



       Providing optimal customer and patient service means going the extra mile and we realize that many owners, whether senior citizens, people working irregular hours, disabled people, or individuals with limited or no access to transportation, would welcome the opportunity to have a veterinarian examine their pet at their home. Moreover, animals are more comfortable in their own environment and travelling may be stressful to them, while at the same time exposing them to the illnesses of other four-legged patients visiting the clinic. Clearly, both humans and animals would benefit if such a service were to exist.  The veterinarians at GEMVETS offer a full line of canine and feline vaccinations and other services at your convenience in the comfort of your pet’s relaxed environment. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for your pet by careful examination and treatment in the comfort of your home. 


The calgary protocol is a significant, non-surgical alternative treatment of pectus carinatum. The calgary protocol learn more find a physician research guidance order fit kit patient resources quick reference wear and care guide for patients download (76k pdf) service & adjustment for current patients solutions for new patients frequently asked questions tips from patients your treatment involves taking care of yourself and your brace, as well as benefiting from your doctor's advice. Your orthotist will help keep you comfortable. Continue to engage in regular physical activity and remain attentive. You can wear your braceworks pectus brace anywhere, (except in the shower) because it's flexible and unobtrusive. Participants wearing instrumented versions of the brace have to take special care of the sensor pad and connections. Sleep tips... Comments from parents and physicians fashion tips linda c. , parent auckland, new zealand july 2007 we are back in nz now after a good flight... I just want to thank everyone there for your help with alex. The service was fantastic and we appreciate all that you did. Alex is managing fine with the brace. Compliance will not be a problem as i think we all, including him, forgets it is on. He proudly shows it to friends and family. viagra online cheap viagra online buy generic viagra buy viagra online cheap generic viagra viagra without a doctor prescription viagra online buy cheap viagra viagra for sale The best news is, of course, the change in the shape of his chest wall. I notice very little difference between the two sides when the brace is off. He is sleeping well with the foam eggshell mattress. September 2007 i thought marc and the team at braceworks might like a progress report on alex. He is still wearing the pectus brace on a continual basis with no problems whatsoever. Compliance has not been an issue. The brace did get a little tight onboth sides about 10 days ago and we swapped the pressure pad with the extra one, alleviating the tightness. I mailed the old pad back to you, as we discussed, for you to add to it. That way we will be ready for the next growth spurt. Continued... Alex is hoping that he will completely grow out of the brace so that he can have another trip to visit you! I enclosed a note with the pad. The measurement of the one he is now wearing is 2cm, including the plastic outer bit. I did take him to the paediatric surgeon here and he was most impressed by alex's progress and by the brace. He is seeing dr. Sigalet at a conference this month. October 2007 alex is now just wearing the brace at night. It took approximately three months to get to this stage. It is amazing the difference in his chest wall. It is as flat as the other side. As you can imagi. We are now offering rehabilitation and fitness services for the pets.


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