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 Consultation cannot be underestimated. It is important that our veterinarian and clientele understand each other. During a consulting session the pet, yourself, and the vet meet to get to know one another, develop trust, and identify and define the problems and concerns that you have. We will collect the past and present history of your pet, record the information, and use it to inform our design of a health and wellness treatment approach.




    Once a diagnosis is made, treatment is initiated. This can include administration of drugs either as injections, oral medications or other forms. We dispense the drugs at the time of visit.



       Prevention is, of course, preferred to trying to find a cure reactively. A proactive vaccination program can prevent or minimize the adverse effects of many common serious diseases. The spread of disease from your pet to human beings is prevented by the inoculation while at the same time; it prevents your pet from acquiring and succumbing to environmentally borne disease pathogens. Vaccinations are best done at recommended time interval and we will be happy to make this important step in your animal’s care easier by delivering the vaccination in your home. For a vaccination schedule for your dog or cat click here.



      Regular and effective deworming of your pet prevents parasitic infestations and keeps them healthy, while also preventing you from contracting possible disease from your pet. Your vet can choose the right drug depending on the age and weight of the pet and dispense the drug. We also provide routine fecal examination which we suggest to do every six months to one year


Sample collection and dispatch for laboratory testing


                               Microchip implantation


       Our microchip implantation service with its unique ID chip will help you to reunite with your pet in the potentially tragic situation of your pet going missing. The microchip is implanted under the pet’s skin and stay there painlessly for life. Should your pet go missing, a scanner commonly found at any veterinary clinic can be used to retrieve the data stored and reunite you and your beloved pet.


                                        Pet Food Delivery


    We suggest the feeding schedule and deliver the nutritional supplements and pet formula.

X-ray, dentistry, surgical procedures requiring general anaesthesia, and hospitalization services are available through the affiliated veterinary clinic and emergency services through the 24 hour emergency clinics in Edmonton area.

We also have arrangements in place for cremation and can deliver the ashes in urns of your choice should you wish.